Rapid Prototyping for IOT
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The IOTings App is rapid prototyping App for testing minimum viable products for the Internet of Things market. Cross cultural and multiplatform.




IOT, IOTings, Internet of Things


On invitation of Hunan University, Changsha, China. Supported by the Government of the United Kingdom.

Fully functional easy to use App for IOT rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping for the Internet of Things can be quite difficult, and even more difficult if designers speak different languages. When Togeva was invited to facilitate Interaction Design workshops in China, we realised that we would need an App for rapid prototyping IOTings that would also be simple to set up and use by people speaking different languages. To resolve this problem, Togeva built IOTings - an extremely simple multiplatform App that harnesses the sensors already embedded in mobile devices, so that designers can quickly and easily build and test design ideas. Togeva managed and developed all aspects of App design and development and then used IOTings while facilitating Interaction Design workshops in China.

The IOTings App can be easily distributed on mobile devices without having to download it from an Appstore, and so it doesn't require Wifi or an Internet connection. However the Andoid version is free and is available on GooglePlay. The App is currently being rolled out for use in several IOT workshops, such as in the Interaction Design with Audio Workshops.

The IoTings App has been a great ice-breaker in my workshops. It is easy to use, well designed, and provides a good introduction to Interaction Design.

Dr. Nick Bryan-Kinns, IDWA, Queen Mary University of London

IOTings from Togeva on Vimeo.